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Harvest’s Table is a social enterprise. We pay our employees a living wage and value their work equally because there is dignity in a job well-done and appreciated by others. Supporting volunteers further Harvest’s Table’s mission by donating their time and energy.


Harvest’s Table attracts, engages, and employs crew members (employees and volunteers with and without disabilities working side-by-side) by partnering with a number of community agencies and organizations such as:  


We also network with culinary programs at local community colleges, as well as Occupational Course of Study programs in our local high schools to further Harvest’s Table’s mission and recruit potential crew members and volunteers.  


We hold events to which we invite such stakeholders to see first-hand how our crew members and crew leaders work together to prepare and present our local, sustainably-grown, seasonal dishes. Applications and brief interest discussions take place at these events.


Applying and interviewing to work with HT is done in a setting and format which ensures that prospective crew members feel comfortable and are at their best. Staff familiar with the individual’s general disability group will be part of the interview process. We are happy to accommodate as needed and can hold interviews in the candidates’ home or other familiar location.


Once employed by HT, crew members are given a formal intake assessment to gauge what skills they possess and their interest. They will have an opportunity to work with a crew leader as a job coach and other crew members. They are given encouragement, positive reinforcement, and regular feedback on progress in work skills, soft skills, and behavioral goals through evaluations. These evaluations can be shared with agencies or caregivers which may be funding their participation (if desired or required).


Crew Members may opt to volunteer their time due to their specific situation regarding government benefits. We have counselors on staff and will seek professional guidance to assist crew members and their families in weighing the pros and cons of volunteering vs. being paid a wage. 

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Whether you bring experience working with and advocating for those with disabilities, food service, business and marketing, philanthropy, or simply want to be part of an organization that can bring meaningful change, we want to talk with you. If Harvest’s Table’s Mission resonates with you, we strongly suspect that you will bring something unique and VERY valuable “to the table”. Please fill out the supporting volunteer form and we will be in touch promptly to discuss your interest in Harvest’s Table.

Volunteering with Harvest’s Table will be a rewarding experience for those whose values and philosophies align with our Mission and Vision. You will be essential to our growth and success by working alongside crew members, transporting Crews and food to events, or assisting with administrative, social media, grant writing or other activities that harness your talents.  We promise you will gain more than you give.

"I’m proud when I work for Harvest’s Table. I like when people say I’m doing a good job and say the food is great. I want to keep working for Harvest’s Table and have my own money."