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​​​Annual Pig Pickin'

Join us for our yearly summer pig pickin' featuring a locally sourced pig from Green Button Farms slowed-cooked all day in our homemade East-meets-West BBQ Sauce. We'll also provide cast-iron fire roasted corn bread and local seasonal grilled veggies. Bring a side to share, BYOB and come celebrate the bounty of summer with us at the North Street Community Pavilion. Check for this year's date!


Spring Fling

With flowers blooming and daylight shining longer into the evening join us for a Pizza Party like you've never experienced before! Sign-up here, we'll cook pizzas in our wood-fired pizza oven until everyone has eaten their fill! Check back here for more details soon.


Fall Festival

Celebrating this abundant season with thanks for all the bountiful produce NC provides. Join us for a vegetarian feast that will warm your body and spirit. More details to come. Interested in donating towards or hosting this event? Please contact us.


​​​Community Dinners

 In a society that favors fast food eaten on the run over a slow-cooked dinner eaten with family, join us not just for the eating but also for the cooking. Dates are forthcoming as we look for spaces to host these events. Interested?!?! Message us HERE now.


​​​Holiday Bake Sale

Looking for something sweet on your holiday table? Let our bakers prepare one of our not-to-miss cheesecakes or holiday cookie trays! We'll begin taking reservations starting Nov. 1 for Thanksgiving and Dec. 1 for the Christmas season. 


Thank you for the wonderful food and fellowship. It's a beautiful community and support team network you have created. I appreciate the opportunity to participate in your event.


Cyril's abilities to put together ingredients for any venue and food group are unbounded!

Vegan, vegetarian, meaty all find a place in his repertoire!

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