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Our Story


Harvest’s Table is a nonprofit social enterprise providing meaningful employment to individuals with disabilities. We are a partnership founded out of the need for all people to gain access to and knowledge of to local, sustainable, healthy, seasonal food, and hospitable care. We strengthen communities through hospitality, shared learning, and increased commitment to building a food system that is accessible by all.



Harvest’s Tables’s mission is to empower people with disabilities to prepare local, seasonal, healthy, and sustainable food. 


Harvest’s Table’s vision is that the power of food and the dignity of individuals and communities transform food systems.



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Our CREW MEMBERS are the heart of our organization.


CYRIL MURPHY is our Chef and Executive Director. He goes to great lengths to collaborate with local farmers, provide excellent service, teach others and give back to the community.


Our BOARD MEMBERS have diverse knowledge, experiences and passions. They bring a background of ministry, education, farming, business, entrepreneurship, research and parenting children with disabilities.

"Cooking good food just isn't enough! Sourcing local ingredients and supporting our local farmers isn't enough! Employing people with disabilities isn't enough! BUT, working to do all three while providing the best Southern Hospitality, that is a good start! We're at the beginning and have lots of room for growth, that's the exciting part! Come support us, befriend us, hire us, help us make a difference in this world such that we can pay it forward for years to come.""

CYRIL MURPHY, Chef and Executive Director 
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